Saturday, 16 January 2016

50 Week Photo Theme Project: Week 1 - Black & White

My friend Michele Quigley has started a 50 week photo theme project for 2016. I know I would never keep up with a 365 day photo challenge, but weekly themes sounds like something I could manage. I am purely an iPhone photographer - my old "proper" camera hasn't been used for years, and is only a cheap point-and-shoot - and I am clueless about photographic technique, but enjoy taking pictures and hoping that there are some that are good to look at in among the out takes.

Michele's first theme is black and white. I never think to try black and white images, so this has been fun to play with. I have tried to follow her advice to "Look for where the light is coming from and try and capture the contrast between the dark and light. Notice shapes, patterns and textures." I ended up with two pictures I particularly liked. The first was a bare, winter tree, taken as the daylight was just beginning to fade, and the second was a swan on the river outside the archive. Oddly the others I took were all on still, dark water, but for this one a breeze rippled the water. More luck than judgment!


Michele Quigley said...

Beautiful pictures Kathryn. Thanks for joining in!

Missus Wookie said...

Fun challenge - enjoy it :)