Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Those Boots Were Made For Walking ...

At the beginning of the year M bought a pair of walking boots - his first since a teenage trip to Israel - with the intention that we would get out and walk more. I told him that before the end of the year he would be doing 10 mile walks. He was not convinced!

The boots have turned out to be a great buy. They were reduced in the post-Christmas sales to less than half price, so were quite a bargain. M finds them very comfortable and they have made a huge difference to his attitude to walking - I hadn't realised quite how much the wrong shoes were holding him back, making him reluctant to go anywhere that might be muddy, and generally making walking less comfortable. We try to go out for at least one reasonable (3 miles or more) walk every week, and are gradually increasing distance. 

We have just got back from a long weekend in Cumbria, where we were able to introduce the boots to both the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. We went for a walk everyday, working up to a seven mile circular walk around Wensleydale on Sunday. That 10 mile target is in sight! Both the Lakes and the Dales are extraordinarily beautiful, in different ways, and spending so much time out of doors in the fresh air enjoying the scenery was a joy. We both felt it was one of the most enjoyable short breaks we have ever had, and M is now most definitely a walking enthusiast. Pictures to follow once they have uploaded themselves to iCloud!

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Missus Wookie said...

Yeah - I like walking. Urban hiking is good fun, lots of loos and coffee shops ;)