Thursday, 12 June 2014

Shameless Shoe Shopping

I have been shoe shopping! In two weeks I bought five pairs. This isn't as bad as it sounds - I hope! - as they were mostly shoes I needed and the whole lot cost me under £50. I have never thought of myself as being a "shoe person" but over the last year or two I have been getting more experimental. I blame the friend who talked me into a pair of pink stilettos! Also these days I need both work and casual shoes - add in sandals for summer, boots for winter, and the occasional dressy pair, and it starts to look like a shoe collection.

Pair Number 1: The most boring. Brown boots for autumn / winter. I am short of casual boots to wear with jeans ("short" actually meaning I had none). These were £8 in the New Look online sale. I ordered a couple of different pairs to try and these were the nicest so I sent the other pair back.

Pair Number 2: Chunky black sandals with block heels and a double buckle. Primark £16. I bought these while shopping with eldest daughter. When I pulled them off the shelf she pulled a face and said "too young" (thanks, daughter!), but after I tried them on they got teenage approval. They are comfy, though a little heavy, and practical for work.

Pair Number 3: Flat black sandals. Primark £8. Can wear these for pretty much anything.

Pair Number 4: Casual / dressy flat sandals. Also Primark £8. I love these. They are comfy, summery and go with lots of different things. I noticed that when I went back to Primark a week later they had sold out. Three pairs of sandals might seem excessive in one go, but all I had were old flip flops and a pair of navy platform wedges which are just about wearable for work but not the most practical of shoes.

Pair Number 5: The wild card. Crazy blue heels. £8 in the New Look online sale. I bought them to go with the maxi dress in the bottom (blurry) photo. Thanks to the slight platform they are considerably more comfortable than they look. I don't think I would have ordered them normally but they were so cheap it would have almost seemed rude not to try them. I later spotted them in a New Look store still at the original price! And yes, that does make me feel smug.

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ellie said...

I really like the black flats -- and those blue ones are fab! Good for you!