Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I discovered What I Ate Wednesday at Peas and Crayons just too late for last Wednesday but was all enthused so photographed my food on Thursday. The idea is to record everything you eat on one day a week - it can be any day you like - then post the results and link to Peas and Crayons on Wednesday.

Last Thursday was slightly untypical in that I bought lunch (I usually pack a lunch to take to work). The numbers in brackets are fruit and veg portions. I aim for nine or ten portions a day. Other than that I try to eat a varied, balanced and healthy diet with a reasonable amount of protein because I am trying to exercise more and persuade some flabby bits to turn into muscle.

Breakfast came in two parts. Before I left home I had a raspberry and banana smoothie made with coconut milk, a banana and frozen raspberries (2). I can't remember whether or not I added a scoop of unflavoured protein powder or skipped it out as this was only half of breakfast.

The second part should have been a bacon roll from the canteen at work, which I buy once a week instead of my usual breakfast, usually on Thursday. It turned out to be a sausage roll - I picked it up from the wrong tray but didn't notice until I got back to my desk and went to add mustard, by which time it was too late to change it. I have nothing against sausage in a roll, it just wasn't bacon!

I had to walk into town at lunchtime so bought a meal deal from Boots. This gives a main (sandwich or salad), a drink and a snack for a fixed price which often works out as quite a saving over the prices of the individual items. I got a salmon and prawn sushi rice salad...

... With a green smoothie (2) and a packet of vegetable crisps (1?). I also ate some cherry tomatoes (1) I had taken to work with me.

Mid afternoon snack was a Nakd apple pie bar. I love Nakd bars; they taste good and also contain an entire portion of fruit (1). Cocoa and orange flavour is my favourite. A healthy chocolate hit!

Dinner was a couple of salmon fishcakes from Waitrose, a corn on the cob and green beans (2).

Dessert was fresh pineapple (10).

And two squares of Tesco 72% dark chocolate.

I finished off the day with a chocolate flavoured protein shake made with coconut milk after going to the gym (I often go late, getting there about 8.30 to 9pm). Total fruit and veg count ten portions if I count the vegetable crisps - they may have as much fat and salt as potato crisps, but that doesn't stop them being vegetables. In the interests of honesty I also ate one marshmallow, just because it was there, and half a fish finger and a few grapes left by my daughter.

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Missus Wookie said...

Looks like a good day - I've not tried the Naked bars, I'll have to look at them.