Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mother-Daughter Days

This summer is going past ridiculously fast. Small daughter finished school a week and a half ago. I was only able to take a couple of days off work in July (I truly hate having to work through the summer!) so I used them to take the two younger girls out for mother-daughter days. Two trips to London, both very different.

The first one was with my almost 16 year old. She wanted to start with a visit to Camden Market.

We decided on the train down that we would try to fit in a last minute theatre trip so we then headed for Leicester Square where there is a ticket office which sells on-the-day theatre seats, mostly quite well discounted. We tried for Wicked but there were only restricted view seats, so we ended up with tickets for Jersey Boys. Then we went to Foyles bookshop for coffee.

Next we puttered around Covent Garden and watched street theatre.

We tested out Zizzis - a chain of Italian restaurants - and ate chocolate pizza. It just had to be tried. It was good. Very good.

And then we went to the theatre where we enjoyed the show once I got over vertigo. Cheap seats meant high-up-in-the-gods seats, and I do not like heights! Once the show started and I had something to focus my eyes on it got a lot better.

For her mother-daughter day out the little person wanted to go to London Zoo. It was hot! One of the hottest days of the year I think. Fortunately the zoo has plenty of shade. We saw lots of animals, including her favourite - otters.

She practiced stalking like a tiger.

I found this statue of Winnie-the-Bear and the Canadian soldier who bought him over to England as his battalion mascot in 1914. He was left in London Zoo to be looked after, then given to the Zoo after the War. He was visited by A.A.Milne, and his name was passed on to a certain other Bear of Very Little Brain.

On the way home I paid homage to a certain Mr Holmes (in his Benedict Cumberbatch incarnation!).


ellie said...

Oh, they both sound like really lovely days out!

Missus Wookie said...

Lovely days and photos :-)