Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Snowy Weekend In Cumbria

Once a year we usually manage a weekend away without the girls - much as we love them, a bit of time out from busy lives to spend time with each other is wonderful. Our neighbours look after our eight year old, and the teenagers now look after themselves. More often than not we use our weekend to visit our all time favourite hotel in Cumbria. This year we timed it so that the weather was fine to drive there and back but snowy while we were there. As a snow lover this to me is perfect! The Lake District in the snow is stunningly beautiful. 

On Saturday we did a Treasure Trail in Penrith - essentially a guided walk with things to spot!

Loved this quirky house with its mock Latin inscription (translation "never let the bastard grind you down") slightly at odds with its green and pink decor.

This old fashioned grocer's shop and deli was beyond mouthwatering.

On Sunday we visited Keswick and Derwentwater. More quirkiness with this giraffe statue.

The views of the snow-covered fells were stunning.

We walked down to the wintry looking lake.

It wasn't all white and grey!

Back to our hotel and more snow.




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Penelope P. said...

What a lovely way to spend a weekend! I was at college in the Lake District and am very envious that you saw it in the snow! I am so pleased that you are blogging again. Penny L in Dorset