Thursday, 1 January 2015

Testing Out BlogGo

Thank you for all the helpful comments about blogging on an iPad. I am baffled as to why BlogPress has suddenly let me down by refusing to load pictures. I have a WordPress account and almost set this blog up there, but at the last minute defaulted to Blogger. I have been using the Blogger platform for years - when I first started I think it was the only reasonable free option - and decided to stick with the format I was familiar with. If I can't find a good solution to iPad blogging on Blogger than I may have to bite the bullet and switch, but if I can I would rather stay put here. 

I did a bit of rooting around on the App Store and came up with what looks to be a fairly new and little used app for writing and editing Blogger posts, BlogGo. At 69 pence it seemed worth giving it a try. This is my second ost written in BlogGo. Formatting and links seem to be working fine and it is quite easy to use. It allows me to schedule posts for future posting, to see and edit existing posts, to read and reply to comments, and also links to my Feedly feed, which is where I normally read blogs. I have yet to test out posting photos. The only glitch I have noticed so far is that it defaults to portrait orientation and seems a bit reluctant to swing round to landscape which is what I prefer. 

For the sake of research here is a picture of my small scientist at work.

That was nice and easy! It gave me the option to use any of the standard Blogger sizes for the picture and it was simple to centre the photograph. I'm optimistic BlogGo may be just what I need.

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