Saturday, 24 January 2015

Reading, Drinking, Tidying (not so much)

I'm still keeping up with trying to do more reading, rebooting my eating and drinking habits and (sort of, just about) tidying the kitchen. I am managing to read a bit of my current book (The Innovators by Walter Isaacson) most days, though it is taking a while to get through. Non-fiction usually takes me longer than fiction and it is a 500 page book. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the month. 

Our long weekend away inevitably threw my attempts to eat better out of the window, so last week I was back to trying to keep an eye on what I am eating and drinking. I have used the My Fitness Pal app as a food and exercise diary for a while, but only tend to use it sporadically as a check on how well I am eating. This year I would like to get into the habit of using it more regularly. It doesn't stop me eating when I am hungry, but I do find that making myself record the biscuits or slice of cake sneaked from the communal supply at work makes me more inclined to assess whether I really want them. I realised in my first week of this attempt to keep a food diary that I had got into the habit of eating too much sweet, junky stuff, and have found it surprisingly easy to cut it out. I have also realised how little water I have been drinking and I am now making a conscious effort to drink more. My Fitness Pal recommends 8 glasses a day, but for now I am aiming for 6. 

I am trying to keep up with the 52 Weeks to an Organised Home challenge, even if I only manage one tiny thing each week. Anything must be better than nothing! Last week I cleared out a kitchen drawer full of tea-towels, aprons and junk. This week I am planning to tackle the baking trays and cake tins that are stuffed into a drawer in a muddle. The challenge for the week is supposed to be food organisation but on the whole that is not too bad. I only have limited space so it has to be reasonably tidy and organised to fit everything in. 

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ellie said...

Oh! I am reading The innovators, too, and I agree: it is a good and interesting book, but a rather slow read. Some, much, nonfiction I read just as quickly as an engrossing novel, but this one isn't like that.